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John understands all aspects of operating the winery and is committed to ensuring Viewpointe wines meet the exacting standards set by the partners. An amiable host, John also enjoys talking about his wines at tastings, delighting in the responses of his guests. Previously a successful electrical engineer and business executive, John brings exceptional knowledge, skills and insights to his position as President of Viewpointe Estate Winery.

Combining his passion for the land and the art of winemaking with solid business acumen, John is at ease developing business strategies , working in the vineyard and bringing in the harvest.

. Windsor-Essex County Economic Development Commission

. Southwestern Ontario Viticultural Round Table
Board Member
. Niagara College Winery & Viticulture Program
Program Advisory Committee
. Southwestern Ontario Vintners Association
Past President


Steve oversees the daily operations of Viewpointe including the management of all three locations of vineyards, supervision of the Viewpointe team, as well as the ongoing maintenance of equipment. He ensures that the finest grapes are selected to produce wines that will be enjoyed. His interest in wine making is shared with his partners and is the vine that connects concept with final production. Steve Fancsy has twenty-three years of management experience in the automotive sector, including plant operations, part design supervision and sales management. This extensive and varied background allows Steve to apply quality control assurances to every detail at Viewpointe Estate Winery.

His passion for Walnut Grove, which has been his family home since 1979, was the catalyst for applying his knowledge in establishing the vineyards in this family venture. This is a natural application of talent with the building of the region.


Jean manages the daily organization of communications and operations. She is the first line of communication for visitors and guests. Jean translates years of active community involvement into an investment in the development of the region. Her love for family and raising four children on Walnut Grove has given true insight into the value of creating a destination through Viewpointe.

Jean is a member of Executive Women International Detroit-Windsor Chapter. Through EWI, she enjoys the benefit of developing cross border relationships that support building an international region.

JODIE BROWN- Viewpointe Chef

LINDY GARDNER-   Tasting Bar &  Winery Shoppe
For more than 40 years, professional artist Elio Delcol has been inspired by the ever-changing beauty of Canada's most southern region, Essex County. Working from his Amherstburg gallery and studio, his craftsmanship is as evolving as the landscape around him. Fluent in different forms of media, he nimbly switches from realism to abstract images and back again. A master of painting, drawing and sculpting, he is also a respected printmaker. Impressed by Elio's versatility, passion and energy, John Fancsy commissioned him to create renderings of Viewpointe's beautiful lands - of the vineyards and the vistas - which would capture the feel of this special place and interpret the vision in visuals.




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